You hired a team to help you, but you keep getting pulled back into the work...

It's faster and easier to just do it yourself. But you're too busy! You need your team to do the work without your help!

I know the hustle of day-to-day operations and back-to-back meetings forces strategic leadership to take a backseat. It takes time and effort to manage the team and implement changes - it is a source of stress for all my clients. 

Every expert has a team behind them.  Get a deeper understanding of how to align yours  

In this 6-part virtual group coaching program, we will work together to: 

  • Name your unspoken expectations to ensure consistent and coordinated results across the entire team
  • Gain valuable insights on how to increase effectiveness over efficiency and delegate with greater ease
  • Estimate the expected costs of growth
  • Get the support you need to transition from the mindset of a doer (short term tactical action) to a leader (forward thinking with strategic planning and preparation)

This program is designed for leaders and owners who are busy. It  includes a combination of individual reflection at your own pace, group discussion and an action plan: 

  • Focus on building your leadership & delegation skills
  • Practice setting clear expectations and create a culture of accountability across your team with 6 micro lessons
  • Share your experience and gain knowledge from 6 peer sessions and 6 virtual accountability check-ins
  • 100% Positive feedback from previous sessions - all participants reported gaining clarity and confidence

I invite you to connect instantly with a network of business owners and leaders who are working on their vision of success.

Having a team cheering your wins and challenging your assumptions is a vital part of building your confidence and skill set.

👋 hi! I'm Brooke Gordon - an advocate for women entrepreneurs and an Executive Coach helping women with a vision to grow - your business, your career, your personal development. 

Throughout my 20+ year career I've had a wide range of experiences: an advisor for hundreds of start ups and scale ups; as a co-owner of a growing web development business; as a manager in large organizations, leading strategic planning and effecting change; as a Faculty member at McMaster University for over 14 years teaching business strategy to engineers; and as a management consultant, and I was the national lead for the Women Entrepreneur Strategy at BDC. 

I have a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering Physics with a patent in semiconductor manufacturing, and am certified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

I am a weightlifting enthusiast, podcast host and mastermind facilitator, a lifelong learner, and passionate volunteer with Soroptimist International - supporting education and career mentorship for women and girls.

Here's what past participants have said about working with Brooke

"I love the conversations we have been having in the group. If I was doing this by myself, I would not reach this far with it. The feedback has been helpful, having this group for accountability, and having this audience to help you because we're all from varying areas of business." ~ Judene, See You There

“A terrific program that helped me set up some fundamental processes and strategies in my business with help and support from a close-knit group of dynamic biz owners. It helped me identify areas in my business that needed work and were weighing me down. With these gaps identified, I'm able to move forward with more confidence towards sustainable growth and a long-term plan.” ~ Trina Turl, Commercial Photographer

“Being able to be with Brooke through a session is an absolute pleasure and privilege. As a facilitator, Brooke's ability to be present and hold a non-judgemental space was extremely helpful for me. Thank you Brooke for holding that space and making the time so valuable for us busy individuals! ” ~ Dr. Ellen Wong, ND & Chief Happiness Officer, The Joy Avenue

Brooke does a great job of making everyone feel welcome. Brooke creates a very upbeat and positive atmosphere in our virtual sessions, making sure everyone gets their chance to participate and that we all feel supported. I definitely recommend attending any event Brooke is hosting for an instant mood boost!” ~ Kelsey Hoff, Content Strategist and Copywriter

It was a super session with lots of practical info as well as being relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks and so looking forward to next week!👍😃💚” ~ Lou Hooper, Vegan Vagabonds

"Brooke was absolutely fantastic. She lead us at each mastermind with confidence and a leader. I truly appreciate her and her business expertise." ~ participant feedback

"Brooke, it was amazing!! And thank you for being such an awesome facilitator. It was truly a great pleasure being a part of this group!" ~ Amy Bissonette, Photographer

The program kicks-off May 25th and we meet once a week.

It’s not enough to know how everything fits together in your mind - you need to explain it clearly to contractors, staff, volunteers and investors - to move everyone in the direction you envision, and understand your costs and timelines.

You can be confident this process will work because I've used it with start-ups in the very early stage, in companies as large as $35M in annual revenues, and within departments in large corporations.

You are invited to join this group of incredible women who share the same challenges and concerns as you, and are open to share their ideas about how they're solving problems

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to invest per week?

This program is designed to have the most flexibility because I know you are extremely busy. You will have immediate access to the first micro lesson, and we meet for one hour, every week for 6-weeks. The time you invest in the self-reflection exercises is entirely up to you.

  • Thursday May 25 at 4pm (ET)
  • Tuesday May 30 at 4pm (ET)
  • Tuesday June 6 at 4pm (ET)
  • Tuesday June 13 at 4pm (ET)
  • Thursday June 22 at 4pm (ET)
  • Tuesday June 27 at 4pm (ET)

Is there a workbook?

Yes, there is a handout for each micro lesson that you can view online or download. However, it is not another fill-in-the-blank PDF that takes up space on your hard drive! Those types of workbooks don't work for my clients. 

I spent 14+ years as a university professor teaching strategy to non-business students. Each micro lesson is designed to help you build your analytical skills, accompanied by practical and tangible ideas for how to apply the concepts to your business - and help you prepare to get the most out of the peer sessions. 

Will I get a lot of emails?

You will receive a weekly email from me during the program to support you along this journey. It includes links to easily access the micro lessons plus check-ins where you can ask me anything. The email you provide with sign up is the one where you'll receive the emails.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will receive a welcome email upon sign up with the login to access your membership dashboard where the micro lessons and meeting information are accessible. You will have online access to the materials for one additional month after the program completes.

Do you offer refunds?

This program has limited seats, and you get immediate access to many of the materials. I do not offer refunds once a purchase is made.
If you are not willing to commit to start experiencing the change you know is needed, the timing may not be right for you. I'll be here when you're ready.

Is this the right investment for me?

Only you can answer that question! This program is priced to be affordable for businesses in a growth phase, and we've received 100% positive feedback from all past participants. 

I need an invoice to get pre-approval from my company.

I totally get that. There's an option to sign up and receive and invoice. However, payment must be received before the program kicks off.

I want to gift this to a friend. How do I do that?

You are amazing! Thank you for your generosity!!

I can create an invoice for you. Once I receive payment, the email of the recipient and the timing of your gift, we can get them signed up with a welcome email. 

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to reach out: 

I invite you to join this group of women and get the clarity and confidence you need to be a strategic leader! 

There are limited seats for this program.
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