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On how to organize a virtual summit

In this conversation, Dr. Ellen Wong, ND - Chief Happiness Officer at The Joy Avenue - shares her experience organizing a virtual summit. Some of the key points we cover:

  • Why she decided to showcase expertise in her community
  • What were the benefits and unexpected outcomes
  • Her thoughts on virtual summits for Business development
  • How she overcame any stresses during the process

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On becoming vegan

Lou Hooper started Vegan Vagabonds a couple of years ago, and has been a vegan for just about eight years. She started her journey - like many of us - because of health issues. Lou had high blood pressure, high cholesterol. 

Our conversation digs into the nuances of plant based eating, why it's important, and how to start your transition. We talked about everything from recipe swaps, to bowel movements, to a love of cheese. 

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On fundraising for business development

I was joined by Andrea Watson, founder of Nature Knows and Fresh Wagon - who is passionate about ensuring everyone has convenient access to fresh fruits and vegetables when they are on the go.

A significant part of her business strategy is to give back to community organizations - after school programs, sports teams, community services.  We’re not talking not your typical chocolate covered almonds and cookies! (although those are available). 

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On living with IBS

Living with IBS is a real challenge and it affects many people. The cause is not clear, there is no “cure” but there are things you can do to help feel well again. Catch the replay of my conversation with

Alison Crouch, founder of MoveSMART and Boomerang Pilates in Toronto, shared her experience of living with IBS (which is completely different from Brooke's) and shared suggestions for experimenting with breathing, movement and nutrition.

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On Project Management for business development

Nathalie Amlani from Pictonat shared her passion for project management (PM), which came out in full force and the breadth and depth of how this skill can benefit you:

📋 to manage your business
📋 in client satisfaction
📋 as a success factor in business development

When I asked Nat how her clients respond to a well managed project, they say "It's so organized, I wasn't expecting this level of detail. This is great. I feel taken care of."

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On managing PCOS and periods

The conversation with Kim Abog, ND was fabulous. We dug deep into the topic of PCOS and how irregular cycles gets impacted by other factors such as stress, insulin resistance, peri menopause and more!

Kim did a truly exceptional job of explaining what’s common or normalized vs what’s normal (and not) when it comes to menstruation, and also when it's important to talk to your health care provider for support.

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On being an advocate

Advocacy is a skill and a requirement when your circumstances don’t fit the parameters of « normal »

It can be exhausting, exhilarating, rewarding, and defeating. And when you are called to do it - you lean into all those emotions.

Joanne D. Photiades is an incredible woman whom I deeply admire for her advocacy of Williams Syndrome, Ovarian Cancer, mental health, B Corp and more.

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On creating impact

Zahra Qureshi from Optinum Professional Corp. and founder of The Social Venture Circuit shared her insights and expertise on working with accountants and especially how to make strategic decisions about the impact your business is making and aligning it to your vision, values and purpose!

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On personal branding

Monique Bryan shared her expertise about the importance of personal branding for small business owners. She brought up so many amazing points in our conversation:

🎤 Your personal brand extends beyond your business, your career or current venture. 
🎤 Today, it is not enough to be an expert at what you do. 
🎤  It is of key importance to hire experts and coaches to take you to the next level.

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On how to be an accomplice

Thank you Alex Bertok for joining us to talk about the importance of how to be an ally - or accomplice.

Alex shared his passion for diversity, nurturing a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, living authentically & bringing your full self from an 2SLGBTQI+ perspective. 

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On reading for stress management (and buying a bookstore)

"Leap and the net will appear" - this was the advice from the previous owner of Pickwick Books, a local used bookstore in Waterdown, Ontario... and that's exactly what Marnie Mycroft did.

She loved reading books for pleasure and as an escapism during her commute. Stacks and bookshelves of waiting to be read books - the idea of owning a bookstore had only been a distant dream.

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On chocolate for your health

Alice Grey, founder of Mindful Monk shared her origin story and passion for healthy snacks.

She also shared how functional chocolate plays a role in living a healthy lifestyle and was really honest about how she manages the stress of being the owner of a growing business.

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On client relations and customer success

Natalie Williams from The Esteem Agency joined us this week on Best for Women LIVE to share her expertise on Customer Relations.

We talked about onboarding, approaches to client retention and delivering excellence! We particularly appreciated her practical advise and identifying the pitfalls (and how to avoid them) that she commonly sees for businesses that are growing.

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On creating a purpose driven brand 

We first connected with Nichole Nzegwu over a Soroptimist post to end violence against women.

This is a conversation to listen to! Nichole's story of resistance and finding courage to change is incredibly powerful! 

  • why she started Kare Granola

  • the challenges Nicole has faced as a solo entrepreneur

  • how she’s giving back to the community

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca

On growing with public relations (PR)

Kimesha Walters, CEO of Oasis Integrated Communications helps you to use publicity to generate momentum to get you the leads that you need to get, of course, more sales and more profits, because that's really what it's all about in the business.

We delved deep into were the meaning of Public relations (PR), and the importance is Strategy and Messaging.

💎 Her final advice for people thinking of going the public relations route at this point is to consider two questions: why, and why now?

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On how to Grow Gorgeously into Greatness

Our guest this week was Sola Oluwole, a mother, wife, daughter, career woman and founder of 3Gs International - Growing Gorgeously into Greatness. We talked about Finances, Friendship, Faith and Fulfillment (and fun) across every aspect of life.

One 💎 that stood out for me was her perspective on leadership and mentorship when I asked how she can give and pour into others without emptying her cup. Sola shared that we must demonstrate self-leadership before we can lead others. She gave some great examples, including how she sets priorities and anything that threatens those is a hard and fast no. 

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On trauma sensitive yoga

Niki Watts, founder of Tai Fitness was our guest this week on the Best for Women LIVE podcast. She shared about the importance of incorporating gentle movement as part of your healing journey, and her specialty - trauma sensitive yoga.

Niki shared why support for PTSD is so necessary and how the classes differ from a Hatha or Flow class, the importance of gentle movement when we are experiencing stress or significant changes in our lives, and her favourite pose to create a sense of rest in the body. 

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca

On knowing what you want 

Jenny Hargreaves, founder and CEO of We Are Tellent came to share an important message "You can't get what you want until you know what you want."

Jenny's mission is to connect women's limitless potential to the professional world, and her care and conviction to change the workforce came out strongly throughout our conversation.

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca
(⚠️ contains some language that may not be suitable for kids)

On building community

Erin Sisko is a true community builder. She creates meaningful connections between the women in her network, Elleiance, and is shifting the landscape of funding and financing for women entrepreneurs. 

A passionate life-long learner and full of curiosity, Erin openly shares how her approach for building confidence has taken her on a a bold journey full of vision and vulnerability. 

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca

On being clear on your vision

Our guest this week was Hazel Williams, founder and host of Big Girl Interrupted, to talk about Being Clear on Your Vision. Her practicality was on point!

Transitioning from a dream to a vision (with a plan), creating a visual representation and having an ongoing daily relationship with that vision (and plan), getting uncomfortable with creating the change you know you need, and the importance of being gentle with yourself. All incredibly important.

This is an interview that will prompt you to take-notes. 

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On the power of masterminds

An incredibly accomplished professional, Sophia Ruffalo is one of the co-founders of femmebought - an organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs to scale up and lead with confidence.

We talked about the value of being part of a mastermind - honing your business strategy, peer support, developing analytical skills and showcasing your premier presentation, and scholarships.

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On how pro photography drives success

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Trina Turl, a commercial photographer and founder of Clio & Fox, your friendly one-stop-shop for limited-edition a-la-carte stock imagery.

Trina gave a very practical tutorial on different ways to repurpose professional images to make sure you get the most out of your investment, and how to create an authentic first impression of your company through imagery.

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On the power of being vulnerageous

Joining us today was Dana Kaplan, an advocate of neurodiversity, facilitator and educator, who talked about the power of being vulnerageous.

We talked about neurodiversity, how we can all BE a kindergartner at any stage in life, the power of BEING vulnerageous (vulnerably courageous), uncomfortable conversations and sitting in the discomfort.

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On meals that heal with Julie Daniluk

This episode represents a lovely nostalgia for me - my first guest podcast interview from 2017. So much has changed in the past 6-years (including my questioning skills).

Julie Daniluk was launching her new cookbook, Hot Detox, which is filled with absolutely delicious recipes. I have been a raving fan of hers, and it was this interview that inspired me to launch a podcast that would showcase healthy living for women.

On photography for your brand

Dana Castro from Three Crowns Studio joined us for a conversation about photography for your brand, and how fun the experience can be.

We touched on a lot of topics, including how photography can help you identify as an entrepreneur, how the right type of images can take a basic website to the next level, and why that helps you charge more.

Listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On executing strategy while under stress

Cheryl Appleton, founder of Canadian Women in Food, President of Stragentium and COO of Incas Gold Organics has worked with founders who have a lot of difficulty moving strategic projects forward because of being caught up in the day-to day-running of their ops. 

We talked about how checking the boxes feels like an emotional reward that day or that week. The challenge is - these are small wins, even for their business. They don’t actually move your business forward or push you along on the journey. 

Whether a founder or leader, if you feel like it’s no longer convenient to imagine the bigger picture because you’ve got so much “stuff” to do, this is the interview to listen to.. tune in on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On money, mindfulness and financial feminism

Senior Wealth Advisor Jill Knowles spoke about what are sometimes considered taboo topics : finance & investing, and women's empowerment:

💲Gender and financial risk-taking
💲 impact of childhood experiences on money mindset
💲 intergenerational knowledge transfer and women's financial experiences
💲 connections between money in motion, emotions and family

And she ended with financial planning and budgeting strategies! Get a paper & pen, and come listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On media and PR

Media Coach Jennifer Singh from She's Newsworthy Media joined us to talk about media and PR. Jennifer illustrated in her stories and wisdom a wide range of topics:

🎤 Journalism industry power dynamics and diversity.
🎤 Media decision-making, media representation and storytelling.
🎤 Gender bias in career advancement and negotiation strategies.
🎤 PR, media, marketing strategies and telling the story of impact for women entrepreneurs. 

The feedback from our audience has been excellent! Come listen to the whole conversation on IG at @bestforwomen_ca 

On creating momentum

Hanna Guzman, Executive Producer and host of Advice from Hanna joined us to talk about creating momentum. 

The audience questions on finding courage and how to start a podcast were big topics and Hanna graciously shared her advice on leaning into your vision and the relationship with your audience, coping with criticism, strategies for growth and monetization, and even questions to ask yourself before you start a podcast. 

If you've considered sharing your voice via podcasting, listen to our whole conversation at @bestforwomen_ca on IG or on

On wellness at work

Roxanne Francis, renowned speaker and trainer, and the founder and CEO of Francis Psychotherapy, joined us to talk about Wellness at Work.

We delved deep (with very practical and tangible examples), and she ended (~33 min) with a checklist of questions you can ask of yourself and reflect on in regards to self-care, mental health, and personal growth.

If you're not feeling yourself when you're at work, listen to our whole conversation at @bestforwomen_ca on IG or on

Using the law to leverage IP

Andrea Henry, an IP Strategist and Partner at Henry Brooks Law, LLP, joined us to talk about how to use the law to leverage your intellectual property. 

Andrea explained the four different ways to protect IP along with illustrative stories of how her clients have used them to grow and scale their business - building IP assets can help you grow revenue AND move away from the time-money trap

Her own IP are guides and templates for startups and a course to Uncover Your IP Goldmine. Both are available at

If you have a creative mind and are in the services industry, listen to our whole conversation at @bestforwomen_ca on IG or on

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