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best for your career...
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We believe that connections are critical to building confidence

Studies keep stating that women need access to networks as a key factor for success.

We designed Best for Women to help you focus on your priorities.

Whether it’s health, career or building deeper relationships with yourself and others, our team of coaches want to help you make tangible progress towards your goals, and live with less stress and greater ease. 

We invite you to explore our events and workshops, tailored 1:1 and group programs to both support you, and help hold you accountable so that you can focus on prioritizing your priorities. 

What's your top priority?

For your health

Imagine sitting at your desk without any aches or pains, with energy and vitality!

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For your career

For your career

Are you ready for something different, but not clear on “what” the next steps are?

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Free resources

For your network

Whenever our clients ask for information, we add it to one of our free resources

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Meet your coaches

Meet Brooke Gordon

Meet Christine

Brooke Gordon is an advocate for entrepreneurs and an Executive Coach helping women who are feeling the glass ceiling. 

She created the Best for Women to share the free and low-cost resources she discovered while in the role of National Lead, Women Entrepreneurs at BDC. 

Brooke was trained as an engineer, is a management consultant, development banker and retired university professor of business strategy. She is also a weightlifting enthusiast, and certified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

Connect with Brooke on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Christine Aarlaht has 17 years of experience kickboxing, boxing and thai kickboxing. She loves supporting clients regain and sustain their physical and mental health. 

Christine understands what it means to be stressed. She's worked in management, leadership roles, and been an entrepreneur.

Christine is an avid hiker, outdoors enthusiast and explorer who has climbed 3 mountains in Canada and trails all around world. She is enthusiastic about healthy cooking and gardening, and is Mom to 2 lively huskies! 

Connect with Christine on Facebook or Instagram.

What our clients have said

Working with Brooke

"I can say with certainty that you are truly an advocate for women entrepreneurs because of the transformation I’ve experienced working with you! You have provided the support, tools and a genuine space that has helped bring clarity for me to elevate my brand and message and grow my social media marketing agency. You’re AMAZING Brooke!!" ~ Rose Mills, Social Media Strategist

Brooke Gordon is a gem! Her sessions were a safe, inclusive and supportive space where you were encouraged to just be your true self. Brooke creates community and truly cares.” ~ Effy Terry, Organize That

"Brooke is such an amazing coach! I work with women to empower them when it comes to their finances and Brooke helps empower me with my business development! I have so many goals I want to achieve and Brooke helps me organize this into achievable projects and how to be clear and concise in my messaging." ~Jill Knowles, CFP, CIM, CFDS

Working with Christine

"I’m not an athletic or physically strong person, but Christine has given me a lot of confidence and motivation to strive for the level of fitness that I thought I could never achieve. I have a lot of fun at every session and always leave with positive energy. I’d recommend Christine to anyone looking to improve their fitness both physically and mentally." ~ Hayley

"Christine is able to tailor training programs to each individual. As a busy mom of 4 and business owner I only have time for quick and effective sessions and Christine makes it worth it!!! Her whole body approach to fitness and health is refreshing and aligns with my views entirely.  I highly recommend Christine to anyone who wants to improve their health and ultimately their LIFE!!!!!!!" ~ Erika

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