Best for Women Network

Are you looking to build meaningful connections, explore personal and professional ambitions, and hold yourself accountable to making sustainable changes?

So many studies state that women need access to networks as a key factor for success. Best for Women is just that!

  • library of resources for business owners, sales professionals and leaders
  • invitations to events in our community
  • stories that focus on "how-to" from women with lived experiences
  • opportunities to learn and make meaningful connections
  • a LinkedIn group to connect with other women

Now is the time to invest in building your network of support!

Best for Women brings women together - for events, conversations, to share resources, and lift each other up. You'll find support for the many challenges that business owners, sales professionals and leaders face as they balance the juggle between their passion, work and home. 

I invite you to join this group of women who are redefining how to achieve personal and career goals while sustaining a healthy balance, at your own pace! 

It's free to join!

Why choose the Best for Women Network?

👋 hi! I'm Brooke Gordon, an advocate for entrepreneurs and an Executive Coach for women who are ready to are feeling the pressure of the glass ceiling, or have been sacrificing their health for their career.

I was previously the national lead for the Women Entrepreneur Strategy at a national bank in Canada.
What I took with me from this experience is:

  1. a significant library of resources to share with you!
  2. understanding "what to do" is often not enough to figure out "how to do it"  

There are many online learning options: eCourses, Webinars, Masterclasses, Programs, Done-For-You packages ... I've signed up for dozens, and I am confident you have too.

However, I get more value from interactive workshops and discussion groups. When I dedicate time go through the concepts with a knowledgeable teacher, and talking with others about the practical application, it is a completely different experience.

Best for Women has just that!

  • a library of free and low cost resources for the challenges you face
  • expert interviews to learn from women sharing lived experience and learnings
  • invitations to events and workshops with conversations and practical learning 

Is this worth your investment of time?

Here's what women have shared with me about their experience being part of this community:

"Brooke continually challenges my thought process and has a seemingly endless cache of resources from instructional videos, podcasts, recommended books, articles, other professionals and so much more." ~ Christine, entrepreneur 

"You helped me find my voice which then led me to decide on my next professional chapter. Thank you very much!" ~ M.C., HR professional

"I met Brooke last year and I can say it's been one of my best experiences. She not only helps women with financial resources but helps them grow within. Brooke is not only about small female run businesses but she encourages and runs programs for young girls to allow them to grow and see their own potential. It begins as a young girl and knowing your value and that you are your own star.

You can mention what you are struggling with and within 30 seconds she has a list of resources and suggestions. I can honestly say Brooke is the most well rounded woman I have ever met. She has a brilliant mind, is kind, positive and willing to encourage and support all of us. I have met so many wonderful women through her and she has really reinforced that Women can do anything given the right tools and through supporting one another anything Is possible." ~ Wendy, Blue Boy Organics

Is this community right for you?

We are a network of business owners, leaders and professionals who are ready to grow personally and professionally, connect with new people, and (re)claim their health and sense of self.

Best for Women is for women who are looking to make connections and explore new opportunities!

I invite you to take advantage of all the resources available to you, participate in our events, and come chat with me and the other members of this supportive community.

Are you ready to get connected?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to invest?

Best for Women is designed to have maximum flexibility because the clients I work with are extremely busy. The events you choose to attend and the time you invest in using the resources and connecting with others is entirely up to you.

Will I get a lot of emails?

I don't have the bandwidth to write a newsletter. You will receive a weekly from me to support you along your journey with links to easily access new resources that get added to the Best for Women curated library.

The email you provide at the time of sign up is the one where you'll receive the emails.

How long do I have access to the hub?

You will have immediate access to Best for Women and there are new resources and events added regularly. There is no expiry to your access (if that changes in the future, I will give you lots of notice). 

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out: 

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Welcome - let's get started!

Welcome! I have put together an overview of what to expect and tips to help you get the most out of being part of this community! 

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