Meet Brooke Gordon

Are you an aspiring leader? Responsible for sales? Managing people or projects? 

I am an Executive Coach who is passionate about bringing out the best in women.

I help my clients get clear on expectations for success so they can achieve their goals while sustaining a healthy balance.


Throughout my 20+ year career I've had a wide range of experiences: an advisor for hundreds of start ups and scale ups; as a co-owner of a growing web development business; as a manager in large organizations, leading strategic planning and effecting change; as a Faculty member at McMaster University for over 14 years teaching business strategy to final year engineers; and as a management consultant, and I was the national lead for the Women Entrepreneur Strategy at BDC. 

I have a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering Physics with a patent in semiconductor manufacturing, and am certified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

I am a weightlifting enthusiast, podcast host and mastermind facilitator, a lifelong learner, and passionate volunteer with Soroptimist International - supporting education and career mentorship for women and girls. 

Let's work together

I would be honoured to be part of your journey. Let's book a complimentary call and get clear on what's next for you!

I also offer a guided, self-paced course to reclaim your confidence to support you - or someone you know - for positioning your expertise, regaining your health, and setting boundaries.

Don't hesitate to reach out if there are any questions I can answer - about the workshops or working with me as a coach
(or anything else that comes to mind). You can find me on Instagram and LinkedIn

What it's like to work with Brooke

I welled up with tears of gratitude reading this letter from Carrie Ott.
She graciously offered to share it so that you can get a better sense of what it’s like to work with me as a coach.

"When you and I met, I was stumped and unsure of which direction to take my work and with absolutely no idea how to figure it out. This is what you brought to the table:

Generosity. As a complete stranger, you entered my dilemma with passion and enthusiasm, sharing your insights, knowledge, and expertise. You sorted the pieces of my scattered thoughts, my questions, and my aspirations as if you had a future stake in the successful completion of my big picture.

Intuition. You listened to me and never made assumptions. Yet you knew which areas I needed to fit together first. You heard my desire for a different bigger picture, even though that meant venturing away from past, reliable, and successful work. You celebrated where I’d been and what I’d accomplished, and instinctively recognized work that was life-giving and work that what was not. 

Kindness. You gave me just the right amount of direction and information to spur me onto the next step, but not so much that I became overwhelmed. And you didn’t let me get too far into the places that will reveal themselves in good time. I know which pieces to hold for another day, and I am excited about those pieces!

Skill. You helped me sort and map the specifics. You helped me find my edge pieces; you identified the most effective parameters of my work—how I will go deep and not broad. You showed me how to integrate areas of expertise I assumed would be peripheral to my big picture.

Fun. I assumed this task would be nothing but tedium and drudgery. Yes, it was challenging—How does this piece fit? But it was also incredibly satisfying—Ah-hah! This area makes sense now! I could tell you were having fun, too. The kind of fun someone has when they are doing one of the things they are wired for and skilled at doing. You are quite skilled at making sense of and developing a workable structure and plan for someone else’s big picture.

I have always loved working on a good puzzle. Because of your help, direction, and insight, I am confidently tackling one of the most exciting puzzles I’ve ever set my mind and heart to assembling—my contribution to the world.

You are something else.
Fondly and gratefully" ~ Carrie

I'd be delighted to get to you know!

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