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I believe that training the whole person is the most effective way to reach goals together. 


By focusing not only on the physical body but also the mind and soul we can make sure our fitness and wellness is not only achievable, it’s also sustainable.  Even though my introduction to the fitness industry was through training and competing in boxing, kickboxing and thai kickboxing, I recognize that martial arts aren’t for everyone.  But the principles behind these arts are what fuels my programs.  

Let me help you look at fitness through a different perspective, helping you to gain confidence and feel better.  

My ability to tailor 1:1 sessions to each person’s specific needs helps my clients to feel results they were not expecting.  

  • Programs catered to each person’s specific needs
  • Helping to get you moving and stay moving
  • Combining physical health with mental health
  • Using practical and sustainable methods to stay healthy

I have plenty of experience working in male dominated fields under incredible pressure, I know that sometimes gentle movement and stretching can help to ease a lot of tension.  But I also understand that there are times to go hard and release some pent up aggression.   

I would be honoured to be part of your journey.

Not looking for 1:1 training? 

I invite you to come join my Online Fitness Training program!

Join me every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm ET for 45 minutes, from the privacy and convenience of your own home. 

This program is designed to literally get you moving but also stay moving. Our focus is on gentle stretches and strengthening. 

My promise to you - you will not be sore the next day! 

Carol graciously wrote this testimonial, which moved me to tears.

I am so honoured to share her story with you

Sometimes the Universe out there aligns and that was the beginning of my healing through Boxing after an abusive marriage.

I was having serious issues with triggers of fear, not coping, no confidence, loss of memory therefore, really affecting my everyday life.  Even a compliment on a job well done would send me into the corner silently crying.  I felt like I was going to explode inside. 

One evening I decided to go Harrow Performance and check out the Boxing classes and felt the instant pull to join to get this rid of this painful explosion inside of me.

I joined a class and within minutes of having someone in my personal space, I was in a panic and ready to throw up or pass out, bringing the possibility of Boxing to a full stop.  This is when I met Coach Christine. 

She responded immediately picking up on the under lying problems.  She suggested that if I wanted to continue with Boxing that going the private route would help because I could stop when needed, work with just one trainer (female) and hopefully gain a trust that would help us move forward.

Boxing has become my healing of Mind, Body & Soul.  Christine embodies this healing in all of her coaching.  

The Mind:

She can read me like a book and has the innate timing to tell me when to “breathe” or “reset” helping me to slowly begin to use the part of the brain that feeds knowledge, confidence, and memory and not immediately fly into fight flight mode. Thankfully after 3 months, I’m not flailing like a funky chicken! I am starting to catch myself when getting triggered. It feels so rewarding and liberating being able to accept and enjoy those “aha moments”  with Christine and laugh about my screw ups together!  

The Body:

Let’s just say that I’m probably her oldest student!  Each week she checks in at the beginning of class to see if there were any aches or pains during the past week.  Christine keeps record regarding warm ups, plans, progress of each class, and any issues etc.  Warm up and stretching after class are all geared to my physical progress. Thus, no pain! 

Her attention to detail, explaining each new move – how, when, where and why is a game changer for me creating confidence and better fluidity of movement while learning properly and safely.  She also likes to explain the moves because I apparently get a glint in my eye when “bone crushing” could be a result of the proper move!  Each week I feel physically stronger, better balanced, more confidence and get to experience more aha moments that we can celebrate.

The Soul:

Boxing soothes my Soul creating a peace within, a space in time when all comes quietly together shutting out the world. Christine has helped to create this because of her quiet caring, her knowledge and most of all her trust.  She is an excellent coach for all ages however, she has a special gift of coaching when it comes to overcoming being in ‘The Trauma Ring.”

Trust me, she will always be in your corner!

~ Carol

Are you ready to make a change?

I would be honoured to be part of your journey. Let's book a call and explore how we can work together!

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