(re)Claim your confidence : get clear on what's next for you

Started a business and aren't sure how to position your expertise?
Thinking about a new career? Ready to step into leadership?
Retired and ridiculously busy? Feeling stuck in your life
Are you struggling with Imposter Syndrome?

(re)Claim Your Confidence is designed to help you step confidently into what's next for you with purpose and intention. 

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What matters to you is what matters first and foremost!

  • This program is designed to ensure you are developing a clear plan of action while defining what success means for you.
  • There is no homework, only thinking work that you can do at your own pace. Some participants journal daily, others set aside time once a week, and some prefer to reflect while walking rather than write. 
  • You'll get an email each week that includes links to the next unit so it's easy to find. You can expect a combination of online training including articles, videos, and self-reflection exercises. 
  • Research in neuroscience and adult learning has shown that spaced repetition and reflection on new information improves learning. New modules are released each week and build on each other to foster the retention of information and support lasting change.
  • There are additional options for 1:1 coaching and group support for your journey

Is this program right for you? 

As an Executive Coach, I have worked with folks in a wide range of industries and seasons of life. Many of my clients felt stuck - going in circles and not taking advantage of the gift of each day. Each has shared feedback with me that this program was exactly what they needed to move forward in life. 

Is this worth your investment of time?

Here's what clients have shared with me about their experience (their names are removed for confidentiality):

      "I feel I am more confident and able to step forward to try new things without worrying and overthinking too much." 

      "You helped me find my voice which then led me to decide on my next professional chapter. Thank you very much!" 

      "I presented for the women's centre at an event they had. First time to do this. I used your resources so thank you." 

      "Your questions really make you think about things you hadn't considered but after working through them all you see how it all fits together. You offered reflection questions, videos, podcast and reading. It was a great approach and I was able to do as much or as little as I wanted to but still learned a lot." 

      "You are so supportive and kind, asking great questions to help clear through the clutter and making suggestions that I wouldn't have considered on my own."

      "I really enjoyed learning about myself. I liked the combination of learning from you and having questions to encourage me to think deeper and reflect."

      "Brooke's suggestions were the starting point of me developing and reframing my thoughts, and generating statements that I can be comfortable communicating with confidence."

Are you ready to make the most out of this year?

I would be honoured to be part of your journey. Sign Up to get immediate access to a welcome package and the first unit. I'll be in touch by email to welcome you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to invest per week?

This program is at your pace. It's designed to have the most flexibility because the clients I work with are extremely busy. The time you invest in the self-reflection exercises is entirely up to you.

Is there a workbook?

Yes, there is a workbook for each unit that you can view online or download. You will receive a welcome email upon sign up with the login to access your membership dashboard where the units are accessible. 

Will I get a lot of emails?

You will receive a weekly email from me to support you along your journey, with links to easily access the units. The email you provide with sign up is the one where you'll receive the emails.

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have immediate access to (re)Claim Your Confidence: get clear on what's next for you and it takes a minimum of six-weeks to complete (one unit per week). There is no expiry to your access (if that changes in the future, I will give you lots of notice). 

Do you offer refunds?

This program is completely digital, and you get immediate access to the materials. I do not offer refunds once a purchase is made.

If you are not willing to commit to start experiencing the change you know is needed, the timing may not be right for you. I'll be here when you're ready.

Is this the right investment for me?

Only you can answer that question!  This program is priced to be an affordable fundraiser to support education and mentorship of women and girls.

I encourage you to listen to an episode of my podcast to hear my voice and see if my message and style resonates with you. You can find the Best for Women LIVE podcast here »

I want to gift this to a friend. How do I do that?

You are amazing! Thank you for your generosity!!

I can create an invoice for you. Once I receive payment, the email of the recipient and the timing of your gift, we can get them signed up with a welcome email. 

Do you have any special offers? 

Yes! I offer this program and other workshops as a fundraiser to support the Soroptimist Dream Programs. You can find more information and sign up your club here »

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out: 

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I asked my friend Barb to help me proofread the workbook. It brought me so much joy to read her words because her first impressions were exactly what I had in my mind while creating this for you!  I just had to share :) 

“I have not reviewed all of the modules yet and I am totally blown away! These are the words that came to mind when I was reviewing the modules: inspirational, uplifting, soul searching, valuing oneself, finding self worth, finding passion and letting your spirit soar.  I hope I have described the review, so far, as you have designed this course to be.  

I love the idea of journaling, as reading, writing, reflecting and reviewing the information is how I learn best.  From an Adult Learning Perspective, it is well suited in the presentation of the topic, and discourse and timing...breaks for herbal tea is welcomed when reviewing very moving & emotional topics.  I am looking forward to completing the last few modules to see how it ends.  I believe the topic is a very sought after component in today's world.  I even asked myself most of the questions to look at how to reflect on my lifestyle in a different way...watch out!”

9 Units

Welcome - let's get started!

Welcome! I have put together an overview of what to expect and tips to help you get the most out of our work together! 

Unit One: Affirming your values

Let's get started right away! In this first unit you'll be starting off with joy, affirming your personality and reflecting on your values. Click through to get started!

Unit Two: Celebrating your achievements

In this unit you will be reflecting on your achievements, experience and education. Click through to get started!

Unit Three: Naming your skills and strengths

In this unit you will be reflecting on the strengths and skills you've been developing throughout your life. Click through to get started!

Unit Four: (re)Claiming your passion

In this unit you will be reflecting on what's important to you, and preparing to let go of what doesn't serve you anymore. Click through to get started!

Unit Five: Speaking with confidence as you

In this unit you will be focusing on who you are as a person. It builds on the work we've explored on values (how we live), what roles we play, and who we truly are. Click through to get started!

Unit Six: Your authentic and unapologetic personal statement

In this unit you will be crafting your vision for what's next - authentic and without apology! Click through to get started!

Bonus resources

I've put together support resources like templates to help you articulate your successes, mock interview questions, and more. Click through to get access!

Wrap up - what's next?

In this unit we will review your plan for what's next and I'll be asking for your feedback and input. Click through to get started!

Units for this program 9
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