Live Classes with Coach Christine

Do you want to feel stronger and have more energy but don’t have enough time to get to the gym every week? Give yourself the give of time by approaching fitness in a whole new way!

Join Coach Christine as she guides you through a live 45 minute class.
No equipment or experience required!

Every class is designed with continuous movement, gentle stretching, breath work and the opportunity to connect in community. Her promise  ... you will not be sore the next day! 

Picture yourself moving with ease in a judgement free environment. You will receive tailored adaptations for your body, pick up proper technique and common terms used in personal training, plus gain support from a small group of women who also want to finish the week feeling strong, focused, and centered.

This is the class for you if:

  • working out in the privacy and convenience of your home is ideal
  • you work out but are inconsistent week over week
  • free videos are sometimes challenging for your body and ability
  • you paid for a program and want more accountability
  • you benefit from encouragement and support 

Here's what's included:

  • Live Classes at 7pm ET every Tuesday and Thursday evening for 45-minutes
  • Options for additional support to achieve your goals

Sign up today and take the first step towards a stronger future! Class sizes are limited. Reserve your spot now »

What participants have said

"I just finished Christine's 5 week intro to fitness online course and it's great. Christine's approach to fitness is one that everyone can do. No equipment is required with the exception of a yoga mat and some light weights that could be substituted for water bottles or soup cans if you don't have dumbbells. The exercises and stretches are effective, low to no impact and best of all, you won't ache the next day! This is a perfect workout for everyone, whether you're brand new to exercise or need some movement to help with strength building and flexibility. Christine explains what to do, how to modify to accommodate your personal limits all while getting your heart pumping and your muscles stretched out. I feel stronger and my chronic back pain has eased up a lot. Thank you Christine!"  ~ Allison, client

"As a busy mom of 4 and business owner I only have time for quick and effective sessions and Christine makes it worth it!!! Her whole body approach to fitness and health is refreshing and aligns with my views entirely. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who wants to improve their health and ultimately their LIFE!!!!!!!"  ~ Erika, client

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this class different from a workout? It's difficult to stay active when moving hurts. This program is focused on helping you get moving in a safe, pain free way to help you stay moving. 
  • What is a kinetic meditation? Imagine letting go of your thoughts in a safe and controlled environment that is free of judgement, by focusing your energy on physical movement in the privacy of your own home. Our participants tell us that time flies by! 
  • I already work out. Is this a fit for me? Yes! If you're already active this program can help keep you feeling loose and flexible. 

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