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Best for Women Network

Are you looking to build meaningful connections, explore personal and professional ambitions, and hold yourself accountable to making changes that you can sustain?

Best for Women Network is full of resources, events, connections and support for each other. I invite you to come join us!

Live Classes with Coach Christine

Do you want to feel stronger and have more energy but don’t have enough time to get to the gym consistently (and you're not really sure what to do when you get there)? 

If working out at home is ideal but the free videos are challenging to follow along - this is the class for you! Every class is designed to literally get you moving but also stay moving - you will not be sore the next day!

Coach Christine will guide you with proper technique, terms, breathing, plus support from a group of women who also want to finish the week feeling strong, focused, and centered.

(re)Claim your confidence : get clear on what's next for you

Feeling like an imposter in your role? Aren't sure how to position your expertise with new clients? Are you thinking about a new career? Feeling stuck and ready for a change?

This guided toolkit will help you map out what you're good at and how it all fits together. Confidently step forward into what's next for you!

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